Thursday, September 9, 2010

another sculpt from the vacation sketches

  Another sketch to model, this time around I added some post work in PS. This guy passed me on the beach as I was sketching last week. By request from my wife he is smiling, most of my sculpts have been neutral expressions, she thinks they look a bit sad or mad. I hope you enjoy, and thanks for visiting!


  1. cool!!! sketch looks so much sadder though. did you model his lost dog yet?

  2. how did you manage to draw neat lines like that.

  3. Andy, Kelly said everyone looks sad, so I made him smile. In this case I think she made a good call, it gave him more personality.(I do have a morph target of the sad expression saved)
    Ugo, I used a "Technical Pencil" looks like a pen but has thin rods of lead in it, you can extend the lead as the tip wears out. Oh and I guess I have a steady hand hahaha