Monday, September 2, 2013

Digital Tutors-Creating Digital Food in 3ds Max and ZBrush

Today my latest training lesson for Digital Tutors was released, if you want to learn some great techniques for modeling, unwrapping, and rendering please take a look. If you think you know someone that might benefit from the videos, please share or tweet the info. Thanks!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

1910 character speedsculpt

Yep at the end when you see just the hair, zbrush got buggy and killed the head mesh.....thankfully we now have autoback

Quick toon

I forgot to post this guy here, this was a very quick 1, toon characters are so much less stressful :)

1st hour of female head sculpt

I am trying to implement some of the things I have been reading in the Hogarth anatomy book I just purchased. This is the 1st test sculpt, an hour shown in video, 2 hours to get to the finished image. Zbrush 4r5, dynamesh, clay, claybuild-up, dam standard and a few others in the mix.

Friday, March 8, 2013

In keeping with my previous post, I experimented with different brushes and settings to create this in s couple of hours. Clay brush with the depth adjusted gave a good deal of control. Zbrush 4r5

Doodling in 3d

This is what I do to practice, usually without reference just to improve my technique. Many times I am not sure how these are going to turn out, 1/2 way through this 1 I was ready to throw it the end I think it turned out ok. Sculpting is a rollercoaster, from 1 day to the next you dont know what to expect. I definitely think mood, inspiration or lack there of, and plenty of other factors come into play. I've been looking over anatomy books quite a bit, sculpting some more realistic figures and faces with a reasonable amount of success. It's funny how my mindset changes when sculpting something "serious" as opposed to something like the character in this speed sculpt. These sketches are done with total abandon, no worries of the impact of each stroke of the pen, it is quite invigorating. The realistic studies carry a bit of weight for me, I expect more from them, and because of that the strokes are more calculated. I think that is a bad thing, and am hoping for the day when the sort of casual relaxed approach used in my doodles carries into the work I consider more serious, when that happens I will truly feel accomplished.