Friday, February 25, 2011

New Speed's been too long!

 I had a little free time tonight, so after seeing a few videos of people using zsphere2 to build base meshes I gave it a go. For the uninitiated, TRY IT! Unbelievably fast to work with. Start with a regular z-sphere armature, then use the z-sphere 2 brushes to build some mass on the base. Once converted you will have a great starting point in minutes. He is built in several sections right now, but eventually will be 1 mesh. Clothing base meshes created in 3ds max with Wrapit(awesome set of tools!) I GoZ'd the torso and legs to 3ds then created the new meshes right over the imported parts.
My caricatures are always inspired by real world characters, this guy is no different. Based on some people I know and the idea of what the Jersey Shore guys might look like in 20 years. :) I am hoping I can develop this much more.

Thanks for viewing!