Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Vray sss2 skin testing

Updated, adjustments to the specular map, and tweaked model for more surface detail
 I've been doing some research on the Vray sss2 shader in an attempt to conquer something that is pretty tough to create in CG-realistic human skin.With some great info I found on various forums, and in a couple of books I purchased over the past couple of years I came up with this example as my first attempt. Not bad, but in need of some serious tweaking. Vray 2.0 beta, pretty good render-times as well.
Skin using Vray SSS2/Blend test. Vray 2.0 beta
Once I am completely happy with the results, the cowgirl WIP will be back on track :)
Technical info:

Vray sss2 with a blend to a standard vray material for reflection control. Lit with a 3 point lighting set-up, I decided to use target spots for this example.
Click for a larger image:

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